Two awards at the AMMAs!

Two awards at the AMMAs!

News to be proud of: Roularta has won two bronze trophies at the prestigious Annual Masters of Media Awards (AMMAs) - and that out of no less than 173 cases from 46 companies.

Media Sustainability Award for #RoulartaCares

Roularta Advertising showed itself as a green pioneer in the 2022 media landscape. We are the first and only saleshouse to offer agencies and advertisers the chance to make their advertising campaigns CO2 neutral

Els Michiels (Head of Product Management & Insights, Roularta Advertising): "In the meantime, numerous major brands from a variety of sectors have signed up to this initiative, working together to massively reduce the environmental impact of their advertising campaigns."

That's not the only way our saleshouse showed itself as a sustainable innovator. We're the first magazine publisher to develop a sustainable alternative to the plastic mailing packaging for magazines, the paperwrap, which can save 23 km of plastic film per 100,000 copies. This innovation will be gradually rolled out in 2023, with Libelle (August) and Trends (October) leading the way. 

Els Michiels: "Besides the sustainability gains made, the paper wrap also creates a new impactful advertising format. The wrap provides space for one advertiser, who can consequently reach our subscribers without competing articles and campaigns."

The efforts of the Roularta editors were also able to convince the AMMA jury. In 2022, the editors wrote a total of 2,005 activating articles on sustainable topics they set up their own initiatives resulting in no less than 263,457 active participations. A widely known example is Knack/Le Vif's No Mowing May, which will allow 21 million bees to eat every day this year.

Media Brand of the Year Award for Flair

Flair convinced the AMMA judges with a complete rebranding that made the magazine more relevant, sharper, younger, more diverse and more colourful. 

Margaux Vandamme (Product Manager, Flair): "Flair can break taboos like no other, talk about pressing issues, and inspire readers. This is how we build a community of young people who learn from each other and where every voice is heard. In doing so, Flair pays extra attention to topics dear to fans, such as sustainability, inclusiveness and self-love. And we are dead serious: we for instance refused a diet campaign and the accompanying budget, and are launching an anti-diet pact for our fans to sign so we can put a stop to the crushing influence of diets together once and for all. 

Another deciding factor: Flair is the perfect gateway for advertisers looking to appeal to young women - an in-demand but not always easy-to-reach target group. Not only does Flair definitely have the highest selectivity on women 18-44 (CIM 2021-22 Flair national P+D: 38.54) and women 25-54 (CIM 2021-22 Flair national P+D: 43.07), advertisers can also count on a large reach, with, among other things, 7 million monthly page views on and more than 600K followers on social media.  

Margaux Vandamme: "Flair offers advertisers a unique way to connect with a younger audience. Storytelling has always been our strongest asset. It is therefore no surprise that Flair is the perfect way for advertisers to connect with that highly sought-after young audience through its content. If and only if we think there is a match with our brand and audience, of course."