the future is native

Roularta introduces native advertising: in line with the spirit of the magazine, written by the Roularta Brand Studio journalists. We create interesting content for the advertiser, aimed at the right target audience and where the content takes precedence. The content can also be underpinned by the advertiser’s experts or by gripping testimonials that support the brand message.

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​Success factors for branded content

8 tips

1. Offer inspiration, provide tips.
2. Give something to talk about.
3. Try to add to the editorial content.
4. Ensure that there is an appropriate link (association) with the sender: the brand has to remain relevant. 
5. Be relevant.
6. Be subtle about the advantages of the brand (the content is more important than the commercial message).
7. Try to find the right balance between text and image.
8. If you are ‘always on’, you score better than campaign-driven branded content. 



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