Smart print advertising?

Smart print advertising thanks to QR codes

Just a few blocks, yet incredibly powerful. QR codes, which stand for quick-response codes, can bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds in no time. We'd like to share some significant figures from a recent Magixx study*, which demonstrate how QR codes can improve your audience interaction!

Interactive experience 

The latest barometer shows that 90% of the respondents are familiar with the technique, and 22% already use it. QR codes add an interactive element to advertisements. They encourage your target audiences to take action by scanning the code and engaging with additional content or activities.


Read, Scan, Repeat

For instance, 35% are willing to use a QR code to obtain more brand information after viewing a print advertisement. Consumers can quickly and easily learn more about a product, service, or promotion by simply scanning a QR code. This saves them time and effort that would otherwise be required to manually enter a web address.

QR codes can be linked to online stores or checkout pages, granting consumers direct access to purchases upon scanning. Recently, Knack & Le Vif Sports conducted a campaign in which subscribers could place a pre-order for the GIRO Guide at a discounted rate by simply scanning a QR code. The result? A remarkable 1471 subscribers placed a pre-order!


Talk about it! Use it! 

There is still work to be done regarding the adoption of QR codes in Belgium. More than 3 out of 4 surveyed Belgians are interested in learning more about them. This signifies a wealth of possibilities! Advertisers have the freedom to integrate QR codes into their campaigns in innovative ways.

Whether it's providing additional information, offering discounts, or creating a multimedia experience, QR codes are a handy tool for advertisers aiming to stand out and convert in an increasingly competitive market.

In short: print is a highly potent platform for advertisers (as you already know from the #fanfactor study), and with QR codes, you can effectively measure that power as well.

Curious about how QR codes can elevate your advertisements to a higher level? Contact Mireille De Braekeleer!

* Source: Aqrate Tracker (september 2022, n = 330)