#SheDecides: key takeaways

#SheDecides: key takeaways

Behind almost every buyer decision and every important choice is the strength of a woman’s hand. Women are not only the determining factor in traditionally ‘feminine’ sectors such as food and cosmetics: they also pull the strings in sectors more often considered to be ‘masculine’. That was the idea behind Roularta Media Group’s #SheDecides seminar last Friday. Discover the highlights below.

2023 Women & Health Survey

Mireille De Braekeleer (Nationaal Sales Director, Roularta Advertising) revealed the results of the online Women Decision Survey. More than 4000 respondents, both men and women, shared their insights. It turned out that well-being ranked highly among women’s priorities. In fact, a healthier lifestyle is an ongoing mission for one in three women. A striking finding is how price-conscious women are. They do thorough research before making a purchase, by comparing prices, reading reviews and looking for factual information. Sustainability and environmental awareness are growing factors in their buyer decisions. They express a preference for more sustainable products and have a predilection for established brands. Physical stores and printed magazines are still relevant for women when they are looking for product information, but social media and influencer recommendations have less influence.

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Next, Vlerick professor and renowned author/keynote speaker Gino Van Ossel offered insight into the challenges facing the retail sector today. Consumers regularly show paradoxical behaviour: what the consumer claims to want and the behaviour they actually display are not always the same. Consumers’ expectations are constantly rising, putting retailers today in a challenging position. In Professor Van Ossel’s view, retailers will need to automate routine tasks in order to cut costs and simultaneously make things easier for the customer, for example by improving the customer experience at digital level. He illustrated his argument with success stories from companies such as Van Marcke and Impermo. After Gino’s presentation on effective retail strategies, Joachim Ruben (CEO of Lola & Liza) and Lies Eeckman (Managing Director of Polestar Belgium & Luxembourg) were invited to engage in an interactive debate. This debate offered an opportunity to apply Gino’s insights directly in a business context. As Lies Eeckman emphasised, “People look up everything online; they’ve already made 90% of their decision before they even set foot in a store.” In turn, Joachim Ruben talked about how crucial it is for a CEO, as well as for a marketeer or fashion designer, to be willing and able to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. Your customers are the ones you work for. You cater to their tastes and preferences.




Kristel Vanderlinden, the founder of FutureKind, shed light on the future of female well-being and healthcare. She emphasised the paradox that women believe in gender equality, but that products such as phones and cars are still not designed with women in mind. This discussion extended to female health topics such as the menopause, ageing and dietary supplements. According to a Femtech report, only 4% of research and development funding in healthcare is aimed at women. Kristel’s message was clear; progress has been made, but there is still work to be done on real gender equality.

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Last but not least, Mireille De Braekeleer (National Sales Director, Roularta Advertising) presented the brand-new EmpowHER package. This powerful advertising solution has been designed to reach female target groups effectively, with a unique combination of ten brands focused on women. This enables advertisers to connect with women in every phase of life, including the influential 35 to 54-year-old age group. 

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