Print ads temporarily more expensive

New energy surcharges oblige Roularta Advertising to a temporary price increase

In addition to a significant increase in raw material prices, Roularta Advertising is confronted with rapidly rising energy costs. Magazines are printed on heatset presses, in which heat and therefore energy is a crucial component to achieve a high-quality result. In the current reality, the new energy surcharges therefore weigh extra heavily on the total technical costs for magazine printing.

For new orders with placements from 1/10/2022, an increase of 6.9% will therefore be applied to the current magazine rates in 2022. This measure will come into effect for offers made from September 19 and published from October 1 and applies to all advertising rates for magazines (media cost), excluding technical costs and digital advertising formats.

This rate increase of 6.9% only covers part of the total increase in the cost price of raw materials and energy.  At the moment, the rate increase applies until 31/12. We will confirm the extension or adjustment of this arrangement by 15/12 at the latest.