Introducing our innovative paper wrap

Introducing our innovative paper wrap

Step by step, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint. Last year, we introduced our Roularta Carbon Calculator, allowing advertisers to offset the emissions of their campaigns by supporting reforestation projects in Kenya and Europe. This made fully carbon-neutral advertising possible. Also, last year, we launched the paper wrap. Now, we are ready to offer this solution weekly to the readers of Libelle and Trends, with other magazines to follow.

With over 850,000 readers, Libelle remains the largest paid magazine in Belgium. The Trends community is also growing and currently counts around 450,000 readers/surfers. Thanks to this innovative wrap, a significant 30 kilometers of plastic film is saved per 100,000 copies. Libelle will now always be distributed in a paper wrap. Replacing plastic with paper packaging represents a substantial investment by Roularta Media Group. To expedite the replacement process, Roularta Advertising offers companies the opportunity to print advertisements on the paper wrap. This means that Trends and Plus Magazine will also appear in a paper wrap if an advertiser chooses to join.

Els Michiels, Head of Product Management & Insights at Roularta Advertising:

"In addition to providing tremendous visibility, the paper wrap not only serves as an advertising opportunity but also instantly enhances the advertiser's sustainable image by actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. This marks a significant second step after previously introducing the option to neutralize CO2 emissions through the offsetting of print advertisements."


  • The paper wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. You not only showcase your brand but also your commitment to our planet.

  • The paper wrap has enormous stopping power. When subscribers retrieve their beloved magazine from the mailbox, they see your advertising message first – it's impossible to miss.

  • Your advertisement reaches our readers twice – first when they open the wrap and then as they read the magazine. This translates to more attention and a greater chance of effective processing of your message. Repetition works.

  • Unleash your creativity – a voucher, a contest, ...? Create a visually appealing and engaging message that readers cannot ignore.

* The paper wrap is always in combination with a minimum of 1/1 page in the magazine or insert (rate upon request).