After good CIM figures, a top score for our titles and their fanatical readers.

Why5Research conducted a study which investigates the added value of fans for different media types such as magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and websites.
Do fans of a medium treat the medium differently and do they view advertisements placed in the medium differently than non-fans?
To answer these questions, we explored the impact of being a fan on how ads are perceived.
Three parameters were particularly important: engagement - or the extent to which a media consumer is exclusively engaged with the medium in question -, attention to advertisements in the medium, and attitudes towards these advertisements.

What seems?

  • For all media, fans of a medium are more inclined to engage exclusively with the medium than non-fans, but print remains the pre-eminent medium that knows how to engage its reader.
  • 1 in 4 media fans are attentive to very attentive to advertising, and this attention level is about 82% higher among fans than non-fans.
  • Moreover, magazine fans not only pay more attention to advertising in their own medium, but are more attentive across the board when it comes to advertising.
  • 2 out of 3 magazine readers experience advertising as not disturbing. Overall, advertising in print media is perceived as the least negative.

Combine the three elements and the fan factor is born. And the highest fan factor is reserved for magazine fans.

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