End of an era

Sport/Footmagazine merges into Knack/Le Vif

While Knack and Le Vif are expanding their sports offerings, Sport/Voetbal and Sport/Footmagazine will no longer appear on paper.

Sport/Voetbalmagazine and its French-language counterpart Sport/Footmagazine will appear on paper one last time on 15 February. Sports stories that require more background will move to the sports section of Knack and Le Vif respectively, thereby gaining a more extensive sports section. The successful Competition Special and two cycling specials - Spring Classics and Tour de France - will still be available in loose sales.

"In a hyper-competitive Umfelt with freely available and extensive sports content on all possible channels, Roularta Media Group decided to stop publishing Sport/Voetbalmagazine and Sport/Footmagazine on paper. Sport remains the main 'side issue', however, and will get its place in Knack and Le Vif. Online sports coverage will also be expanded on both sites," says publisher Niels Famaey.