#abrandednewday: the highlights

#abrandednewday: the highlights

Branded content is crucial to every communications strategy. So what’s the secret to successful branded content campaigns? Credible communication on the right channels. That was the key message of the #abrandednewday seminar, hosted by Roularta Advertising on Thursday 28 March. 

The receptivity of our brains to branded content 

Tom Van Bommel, the international authority on behavioural neurosciences and the co-founder of Unravel, shared his revolutionary insights into the neurological impact of branded content on our brains for the first time in Belgium, exclusively for Roularta. He emphasised that the attention we pay to brands is determined by what is going on in our consciousness. He also stressed the essential role of branded content in reinforcing brand identity – and that goes beyond traditional advertising. Not all forms of branded content are perceived in the same way. Some media are extremely effective for building up long-term brand associations and conveying a message, such as advertorials, podcasts and integrations into TV shows. Conversely, other media, such as social media and online videos, are more suitable for directly stimulating people to take action. As Tom Van Bommel explains: “There is more memory coding when people come into contact with paper. It’s tangible. The more senses that are stimulated, the better the retention.”

Results of the 2024 Branded Content survey 

Ineke Uyttersprot (Research Manager, Roularta Advertising) shared her insights from the Branded Content survey, which was sent to marketeers (and content marketeers in particular). It revealed the main conditions for a successful branded content campaign:
1. Embrace the multichannel approach: The channels to be included in your ideal media mix consist firstly of social media and online advertisements, followed by print and television/video material.
2. Gain trust with honest and transparent stories: Branded content can generate consumer confidence on the condition that your story is honest, authentic and credible. 
3. Content is queen, distribution is king: Our respondents rely on external parties to guarantee a safe environment for their branded content. They believe strongly that the content must be consistent with the tone and layout of the media brand to integrate well with the general content.
4. Look beyond conversion to determine success: Three out of four respondents believe that brand content does not need to increase sales directly, and less than 40% are convinced that a marketing campaign is only successful if it results in conversions.

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AI, sustainability and 7 other content marketing trends 

Bart Lombaerts, Head of Content by Spyke and Thought Leader in Branded Content, visited the Mecca for every content marketeer, Content Marketing World in Washington, at the end of last year. His personal report emphasises the crucial role of content marketing in modern marketing strategies. At a time when consumers want authentic interactions with brands, content marketing is leading the way. This evolution is characterised by the emergence of various trends: innovation, strategy, creation, distribution and organisation. The focus is not merely on developing creative content, but also on strategic planning and organisation to achieve the desired effect. Bart also talked about the growing focus on sustainability. Content marketing is acknowledged as a trendsetting technique for spreading sustainable messages and telling the story of brands that are committing to environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Social First pack - Flair 

Last but definitely not least, Mireille De Braekeleer (National Sales Manager, Roularta Advertising) presented our newest Social First pack. Flair focuses on digital & multichannel production, to connect more with the younger generation. From now, multichannel production is also available for clients, ensuring that your message reaches its intended audience via multiple channels, from TikTok and Instagram to online branded stories. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, authenticity and relevance are priority, and our Social First pack empowers brands to deliver on both fronts with unparalleled precision. onvinced that a marketing campaign is only successful if it results in conversion.