Silver AMMA Award for the first Blockchain case


4 partners found each other in an experiment with innovative Blockchain technology.

ENGIE, Roularta, Space & Rebel AI (USA) joined forces around Blockchain last year and now have won a Silver AMMA Award in the category Innovation and Development of the Year 2020.

April 2019: together with its customer ENGIE, Space is experimenting with Blockchain technology on Roularta's inventory. This allows them to achieve 100% validated impressions and maximum transparency of online advertising.

Rebel AI's Blockchain technology is a reference in the US to validate online traffic. A piece of code is implemented on the pages of the websites. When recognized, it allows the impression. When the encryption key cannot be verified, the impression is blocked. This way it can guarantee 100% validated inventory.

A black box does not exist at Space. François Chaudoir, CEO Space: "100% of our activities can be verified by our customers. We do not take a hidden margin on media. Transparency has always been our motto. It was therefore obvious that we had to be the first agency to propose a solution to our client to validate the online traffic of their campaigns. We know that ad fraud is a major concern for advertisers. That's why we proposed ENGIE to participate in the premiere in our country". Gaetano Palermo, advertising manager for ENGIE Belgium: "Our digital investments are growing: the quality and efficiency of our inventories are central. Since technology is in the DNA of our company, this premiere was a piece of cake for us".

"Of course we wanted to test this technology on Belgian inventories. That's why we needed a Belgian player, innovative and open enough to be willing to learn to improve the quality of his inventory even further in the future."
Roularta was quickly convinced. Philippe Belpaire, of Roularta: "Digital advertising fraud costs billions to the industry. Blockchain offers the ability to detect and eliminate domain spoofing, a fraudulent practice whereby fake websites impersonate legitimate publishers and steal advertising revenue. Roularta is proud to be able to guarantee its advertisers 100% validated impressions, using Blockchain technology".

The results are impressive: the experiment was successful and showed a real impact on campaign delivery. Approximately 7% unclear ad delivery was blocked.

This technology enables us to make the Belgian online advertising market a more transparent place.