Kanaal Z / Canal Z: all about business, economics and money

Kanaal Z and Canal Z, the only business channels in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels, guarantee reliable reporting on finance and economics with a clear vision of business, economics and money. Both are general, open channels using a rational, enriching approach with guaranteed interpretation and inspiration.

In addition, the ‘modular nature’ of the 2-3 minutes long video modules ensures that the braodcasts can be placed and viewed immediately on various platforms (iPad, websites, newsletters, iPhone, narrowcasting…). In this way both channels are looking not only to offer reliable and valuable information, but also to establish themselves as the key figure in the optimization of audio-visual communication for companies, knowledge centres and federations.

Since September 1st 2014, both channels have joined the Audimétrie of the CIM and saleshouse Transfer handles the combined sale of TV spots with other channels (including Acht and National Geographic Channel).

Kanaal Z and Canal Z are to follow on other platforms like TV Partout Proximus and Yelo Telenet.

‘With the important product offering of our channels, we can offer a package to suit every business and every organization or federation.’

* Source: CIM TV/Transfer/Arianna, National, Total Day, Live +7, 4+ Timeperiods, RCH, Year 2016