Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine are the news magazines for sport, and a point of reference for anyone who wants to look further than the issues of the day.

Nowadays sport plays an increasingly important role, but the speed of the news often leads to a hasty, superficial treatment. Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine are looking to be a calm point in this whirlwind of words and images. They take the reader on a trip behind the facade of sport and look at what is left when the lights go down and the emotions have died away.

In-depth interviews, revealing reports, critical analyses, pithy columns, Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine highlight the news from various perspectives. They take the time to put everything into the right context, to give opinions, but not just from a black or white point of view, they offer interpretations of what is actually happening in the sport.

All facets of football are discussed in Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine, and there is a perfect balance between long articles to read, and shorter, sometimes amusing reports.

Target Group
Young sportive men keen on football.



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  • Language: Dutch and French
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Editor-in-chief: Bart Aerts

  • Day of issue: Wednesday

  • Year founded: 1980

  • Circulation: 45.447 copies (Print run Cim Press Brand Report 2021)